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Virginia Law Would Protect Students Who Use CBD and THC-A Oils

A new bill would prevent students from being suspended or expelled if they have "valid written certification" to use cannabinoid medicine.

Legalization Advocate Rep. Tom Garrett Drops Re-election Bid, Citing Alcoholism

The Virginia Republican, a rising member of the Freedom Caucus, faced a tough fight in November from a '60 Minutes' reporter.

Any Condition Is Now a Qualifying Condition in Virginia

A new law allows patients with any medical condition to obtain a doctor's recommendation for CBD and THC-A oil—which could be easily converted into THC.

Election 2017: Legalization Candidates and Measures Win Big

Races in Tuesday's election could have big implications for cannabis legalization—in a few states, at least.

Watch This: Congressmen Discuss Federal Cannabis Policy, Jeff Sessions

Bipartisan Congressional representatives from states with drastically different cannabis laws sat down for an "open conversation about marijuana policy."

State of the Leaf: Colorado Bans Co-ops, May Shelter Cannabis From Feds

State of the Leaf is Leafly’s weekly roundup of legalization news from around the nation and the world.

Virginia Republican Intros Legalization Bill. Who Is This Guy?

Republican lawmaker Rep. Tom Garrett introduced a measure to remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act, but what inspired him?

State of the Leaf: South Africa Approves MMJ Production

A congressional bill could shield state-legal marijuana businesses, Australia eases import rules, and Colorado gets a cannabis drive-through.

Cannabis Legislation 2017: We’re Tracking All Legalization Bills

Is your state considering changes to its cannabis laws? It's legislature season, and we're watching all the states in play.

In Congress: Virginia Republican Wants to De-Schedule CBD

Republicans in Congress are starting to come out of the woodwork to draft new bills on cannabis.

Virginia’s Governor Just Met Willie’s Reserve. That’s Messed Up.

If Terry McAuliffe weren't governor, or a white man, he'd probably be arrested.

Tim Kaine isn’t for Legal Cannabis, but He Wouldn’t Shut it Down

Hillary Clinton's VP pick has strong mainstream establishment credentials. For the cannabis-conscious voter, though, Kaine can be described in one word: unimpressive.

State of the Leaf: D.C. Preps for Pre-420 Smokeout, and Hawaii Wants More DUI Data

A clash between Georgia lawmakers sheds light on medical marijuana in the South, Hawaii debates cannabis DUIs, Virginia could get a chance at cannabis oil production, and both Rhode Island and Jamaica are trying to find a way to profit from cultivation. Oh, and people are smoking on the White House lawn this Friday.

Which Illegal States Are the Most Cannabis Curious?

We identify the states that have limited medical marijuana laws or are completely illegal, yet check the Leafly website because they're "cannabis curious."

The Shake: British Liberals Back Legalization and the High-Tech Future of Cannabis

In today's cannabis news: Oregon cops eye impaired driving, Israel explores exports, and a grandma tries her first dab.

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