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Court Sides With Students in Iowa State NORML T-Shirt Case

Iowa State University cannot prevent an advocacy group from distributing a T-shirt with the university mascot on one side and a cannabis leaf on the other.

Searching for Jack Herer, the ‘Emperor’ of American Cannabis

How did a California conspiracy theorist inspire a movement and become a cannabis legend?

Amid Drug-War Chaos, France is Reconsidering Its Cannabis Policies

Signs that France is finally taking cannabis reform seriously emerged this summer, but a recent series of events has sped the shift.

The Shake: Ohio’s MMJ Campaign Shuts Down

Racial disparities persist in California, the fallout in Toronto continues after last week's raids, and can cannabis actually damage your DNA?

The Shake: Oakland Aids Drug War Victims, Grover Norquist Calls for Cannabis Tax Reform

Portland warns of coming crackdown on cannabis events, NORML is tired of crummy concentrate coverage, and "synthetic marijuana" really stinks.

The Shake: Alaska’s VIP Bags Raise Hackles, Reefer Madness Meets Fargo, and the Clash of the Cannabis Titans

California and Canada both want to be America's cannabis capital, Maine mulls impaired driving, and West Virginia sows seeds of change.

NYPD’s ‘200 Pounds of Marijuana’ Tweet Inspires Critical Backlash

If the precinct thought its triumphant cannabis-bust announcement would inspire attaboys from the locals, it was sorely mistaken.

Jane’s Domain: A Visit to the Future of Drug Policy Reform  

I spent a couple days at the Students for Sensible Drug Policy annual conference in Washington, D.C. If you want to know the future of drug policy reform, there is no better place to go.

Man’s Jail Death Adds New Face to Debate on Cannabis Laws

The recent death of a man behind bars on a cannabis possession charge has put a face on the debate over decriminalizing marijuana in New Hampshire, the only New England state without some form of marijuana decriminalization law.

The Shake: U.N. Drug Summit Begins With Fireworks, and DEA Science Stinks

Researchers in California are designing cannabis sobriety tests, D.C. lawmakers ban cannabis cafés, and New Zealand police make an oopsie.

The Shake: Tricky Dick’s Racist Drug War. Also, What’s ‘Biosynthesis’?

The Brookings Institution takes on the "medical marijuana mess," the U.S. Supreme Court deals a blow to a California dispensary, and Washington state issues recall rules.

“The Drug War Created Stronger Strains”: 5 Ironic Contradictions in Cannabis

From the Drug War's creation of more potent strains, to the difficulty of legalizing in states with strong support for legalization, here are five contradictions in cannabis.

Mexico to Hold National Debate on Cannabis Legalization

In January, the Mexican government will be holding a national debate on whether or not to overhaul Mexico’s laws on cannabis.

Is it the End of the “End of the War on Drugs”?

The number of cannabis industry conferences seems to grow every year, but the Reform conference remains the premiere get-together for global policy makers and industry shakers.

EXCLUSIVE: Leafly Has Obtained the Full Mexico Supreme Court Ruling and It Will Shock You

Go inside the stunning 88-page work of sense and logic that stands as a profound milestone in Mexico's battle for marijuana legalization.

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