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Washington DC

The Shake: Bernie, CannaCups, and DC’s Homegrow Boom

Will cannabis become an issue in Democratic primaries? Will Minnesota fix its choked medical program? Will "CannaCups" be a thing?

Congressman Fudges Stats About Blacks to Back Up Prohibition

U.S. Rep. Andy Harris defended his opposition to cannabis by citing statistics about black Americans that aren't only wrong but could be considered downright offensive.

WTF, DC? Council OKs Cannabis Clubs, Then Bans Them

Washington, D.C. dropped its ban on cannabis use at private establishments, then minutes later outlawed it once again.

For the First Time, D.C. Residents Can (Legally) Give Cannabis for Christmas

There are more than 500 home growers in the District, by some estimates. And that means plenty of people eager to share their crop with loved ones.

Year in Review: 2015’s Biggest Moments in Cannabis

It’s been a year of notable progress for cannabis. Here's a roundup of some of the biggest victories we saw in 2015.

DPA Reform Conference Roundup: Are We Approaching the End of Cannabis Prohibition?

The DPA Reform Conference in Washington D.C. wrapped up over the weekend, with discussions turning towards Canada's promise to legalize and the shelf life of cannabis prohibition.

DPA Reform Conference Roundup: Notes from Day Two of the Year’s Biggest Cannabis Conference

As the second day of the DPA Reform conference in D.C. winds to a close, here are the biggest newslines from the cannabis industry's major players and their talks about the future.

Is it the End of the ‘End of the War on Drugs’?

The number of cannabis industry conferences seems to grow every year, but the Reform conference remains the premiere get-together for global policy makers and industry shakers.

A Changing Climate for Cannabis on Capitol Hill

The Drug Policy Alliance Reform Conference is underway in Washington D.C., fostering far-reaching discussions on how to improve cannabis policy in the United States.

Berlin Aims to Tear Down the Wall of Cannabis Prohibition: The Leafly Legalization Roundup

What do thousands of Berliners have to say about cannabis legalization? Find out in this week's roundup, which includes updates from Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, Maryland, and more.

Quiz: Which Legal Cannabis State (or District) Should You Live In?

Now that four states and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis, take our quiz to find out which legal cannabis state or district you belong in!

Weekend Weirdness: Which State Fair is Featuring a Marijuana Growing Contest?

Who doesn't love going to the state fair, especially ones that offer the tried-and-true mix of fried foods, carnival rides, adorable livestock, and a cannabis growing competition?

How Many Cannabis Dispensaries Will Hawaii Say “Aloha” To? The Leafly Legalization Roundup

We’ve got landmark federal cannabis rulings happening all over the world, from the American Senate to Canada’s Supreme Court, and progress is even being made all the way in Australia!

When’s Nevada Debuting Medical Marijuana Dispensaries? The Leafly Legalization Roundup

The future of cannabis is progressing by leaps and bounds. Check out this week’s legalization update to catch up on the latest in cannabis legislation from your region:

Traveling for 4/20? Brush Up on State Marijuana Laws

Planning to hit the road for 4/20? Before traveling, keep in mind these state-specific cannabis laws so you can have a safe and fun 4/20 weekend.

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