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Cannabis Events in Canada for May 2019

Cannabis events are in full bloom this month.

Sexy Flex Tantra Yoga—Plus Cannabis, Of Course

After spending some 45 minutes in a circle with about 20 other women—passing around joints, vape pens, and bowls—Dee Dussault’s yoga class feels like settling into a warm bath. The lights are turned way down low, and soft lounge music plays.

I Did Bend + Blaze Yoga. You Should, Too.

We kept hearing about Eliza Maroney, "The Cannabis Yogi", and her Bend + Blaze cannabis / yoga class. So we sent a writer to check it out. This is her report.

What Are You Smoking? Episode 26: Exercising With Cannabis

This week, Will is joined by Rebecca and Hannah to talk about exercising while high. The ladies share their favorite products and consumption methods to pair with a good sweat sesh.

Cannabis and Fitness: Which Routines Pair Best With a High?

Including fitness into your daily routine is an excellent way to jump-start a healthy life. Including cannabis into those workouts is even better.

How to Combine Yoga and Cannabis: A Beginner’s Experience

Follow the journey of a cannabis and yoga beginner who paired the two for the first time, and explore the strains and yoga videos involved.

How Meditative Breathing Can Help Your Consumption Technique

Many meditations share a core principle that has a lot in common with the way one smokes – and it’s all about the breath.

5 Hot Cannabis Trends From 2015

Here are five cannabis trends we noticed that gained popularity throughout 2015. We can't wait to see what next year brings to cannabis culture!

Yoga and Beer or Yoga and Cannabis: Which is the Most Elite Retreat?

How does a cannabis and yoga brunch compare to a beer and yoga pairing, and why is it becoming trendy to combine yoga with other adult lifestyle activities?

How Pairing Yoga, Cannabis, and Music Creates Positive Vibrations

I came for a paired cannabis and yoga class because it was the first one of its kind I had heard about in Seattle. The beauty of this experience stuck is what stuck with me the most.

Bud, Brunch, and Yoga: A Match Made in Cannabis Heaven

"Yoga with a View" is taking place Sunday, November 8th in Longmont, Colorado. It's designed to be a cannabis-friendly yoga retreat that will clear your mind and inspire your soul.

Yoga, Cannabis, and You: 6 Best Practices for Pairing Yoga With Marijuana

Thinking of using cannabis to relax, calm your thinking, and ease some aches and pains before you practice yoga? Here are six considerations to keep in mind.