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420 Science

420 Scope 800x USB Microscope

Superman Sight


Product Details

You want pics, videos, and the ability to capture both at magnification levels up to 800x? Some people would call you crazy. Others would call you greedy. But us? We call you the type of person who could use our 800x USB microscope. Plug it into your Mac or PC and see your stash like never before. Specs: 2 MP camera USB powered 8 LED lights for illumination and clarity 20-800x magnification 10mm to infinity focus range Create videos in .avi format Download our 420 Scope Field Guide!

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About Us

420 Science

420 Science was founded in 2004 by best friends Matt & Gary with an idea for glass stash jars featuring cannabis-themed designs. We’ve grown a lot over the years and in addition to making 420 Jars, we manufacture a wide range of smoke accessories including RezBlock – a resin preventative for water pipes, Wax Wallets and DabDish Pro silicone containers, Smoke Soap – an all natural pipe cleaner, the 420 Scope, 420 Wipes and our water pipe, Kargo. We also provide custom printed stash jars for every type of brand from small dispensaries to large international names. We’re the only custom jar company that decorates our jars by hand in our warehouse in Austin, TX. Custom 420 Jars are a way to promote your name with a product customers love and use every day.