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Face Mints Indica Flower 3.5g

by Cresco Cannabis

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Cresco Cannabis Cannabis Flower Face Mints Indica Flower 3.5g

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

About this product

Rotated seasonally and picked at the peak of freshness, our hand-selected Rest strains are grown by professional agronomists to offer flavorful rest and relaxation. Reported Effects: Uplifting, Cerebral Flavor: Orange, Cinnamon Lineage: Face Off OG, Kush Mint Prevalent Terpenes: limonene, caryophyllene A cross between Face Off OG and Kush Mint, Face Mints is a powerful indica with strong sedative effects and nice orange and cinnamon flavors. Beware, Face Mints is not for the faint of heart. This strain is usually best kept for the end of the day due to its strong psychoactive effects and heavy couch lock some enthusiasts report. *Based on average CoA results **Reported effects & strain description based on Leafly.com strain data [October 2019]. Individual results may vary.

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Pleasant smelling bud that gave me heavy heavy limbs and prompted disconjointed thoughts. Succumbed to my bed pretty fast.

Just got the 14g high supply face mints for you veteran smokers out there. This is nice and strong. It was a nice buy. Would suggest to others. Does help with sleep

Got the High Supply 14g Indica Half and it was Face Mints. Next level! Gassy smell and taste. Very euphoric and mental high. Doesn’t put me down or make me tired but I am heavy cannabis user(Med Patient). Love it def a go to for me! You RARELY go wrong with any CRESCO product. Closest to Colorado quality I can find here!

About this brand

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Growing consistent premium cannabis for flower, liquid live resin cartridges, and live solid concentrates. Three different types of strains — Rise, sativas for energy and creativity, Refresh, hybrids for clarity and balance, and Rest, indicas for calm and relaxation — so you can be at your everyday best. Find our products at a dispensary near you.