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Vibes CBD Pre-Roll

by Eve Farms

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Eve Farms Cannabis Pre-rolls Vibes CBD Pre-Roll
Eve Farms Cannabis Pre-rolls Vibes CBD Pre-Roll
Eve Farms Cannabis Pre-rolls Vibes CBD Pre-Roll


Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

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About this product

Our Vibes pre-roll is handcrafted to support a focused mind, calm bodied, relaxing experience. Aroma wise you’ll enjoy a delightfully earthy undertone with sweet, tropical flavors. With Eve Farms Vibes you'll be tempted to have just one more puff, so sit back. Relax. And hit us with those vibes! Best suited for the afternoon or evening. We handcraft our CBD pre-rolls with exclusive, award-winning CBD cultivars you won’t find anywhere else, so our customers get to enjoy a unique smoking experience. We use 100% whole flower. No trim, no shake. Includes 16% CBD, plus CBC for effective inflammatory relief and CBG to help regulate mood. Hemp derived and less than 0.3% d-9 THC, so can be delivered nationwide. Each pre-roll pack contains two 0.5gram pre-rolls.

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Good quality with great consistency .I like how they have 2 in each tube

I really liked the taste of the vibes, was a great way to enjoy my bike ride this morning. Definitely recommend this one

Definitely feel the vibes ! I loved the taste, with my Sunday evening playlist, it was perfect for winding down the night!

About this brand

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evefarms.com At Eve Farms, we're dedicated to discovering and delivering the future of natural health and well-being. Our products provide high-quality, pure and reliable hemp derived CBD for daily self-care, helping people manage stress, anxiety, inflammation and sleeplessness. We offer a variety of CBD oils and CBD-rolls crafted with award-winning unique cultivars, delivered to your door.