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About this product

Fleur Cannabis offers this Fire Angel strain to soothe patients seeking lasting relief without unwanted psychoactivity. Fire Angel is a CBD-dominant Hybrid with a fiery blend of citrus and pine-peppered terpenes. This lovely lady is ideal for relieving pain and inflammation and fills the body with a soothing sense of ease that allows the mind to remain clear and focused. Terpenes: High on Terpinolene & Ocimene with hints of Myrcene & A-Pinene.

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Got this strain yesterday with the plans to smoke this before homework and when I need to function during the day. Work has been physically demanding lately as well, so when I got home from work and smoked this before studying, all my aches and muscle pains went away as well. I'm feeling pretty good, clear headed and ready to get started studying. Going to try no keep this as part of my regular stash if I can, supply permitting.


Citrusy and lemony scent. Just smelling it gives me a rush. One of the best smelling strains I've tried. There are a lot of strains that don't have such a distinctive scent on the raw bud, but still deliver a great experience. This strain, however, does both. If smelling your weed matters as much as smoking it, give this a try. That having been said, this strain is CBD heavy and light on the THC, which is to my taste. You'll get a quick body rush and relief as soon as you hit it. There is definitely an instantaneous unwind element to this product. The THC cerebral effects are more pronounced than on something like Trident or industrial hemp 25% CBD strains, but not so much as to think your having to deal with being high. The THC is at a fun level for people who consider themselves 'lightweights'.THC wise, I'd say this stuff is at the top end of what a CBD focused customer would want to venture into. I'm so excited to see what Fleur and other such companies who have liberated themselves from the THC arms race will come up with in the future. I really can't wait!


I love this strain! Very relaxing yet clear headed. It's good to mix with a high THC strain for a great effect.

About this brand

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Fleur Cannabis practices a sustainable, organic cannabis cultivation by applying the ethics and principles of permaculture to its No-Till Living Soil systems and operating procedures. In doing so, this cannabis cultivation method produces a consistent, safe and high quality product for your enjoyment! Our innovative growing style models natural ecosystems and utilizes the ethics and principles of permaculture to maximize the benefits of our Organic No-Till living soil. With the soil food web as our cornerstone, our growing style is truly organic and takes into consideration not only the health of the consumer but that of the environment as well. This method of cultivation focuses on quality organic inputs, never using any synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides. What this translates into; is the safest, highest quality cannabis brand that you can trust. We are Clean Green Certified.