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Blue Amnesia Autoflower

by Homegrown Cannabis Co.

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Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Blue Amnesia Autoflower
Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Blue Amnesia Autoflower
Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Blue Amnesia Autoflower


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About this product

Check out our amazing 12-pack for only $99!! If you’re on the look-out for a sweet yet hard-hitting cannabis, then Blue Amnesia is an excellent choice. Although it may at first appear to be a remake of the classic mostly-Sativa Amnesia strain, this autoflowering plant deserves to be recognized as a legend in its own right. With its above-average THC potency of 18%, this hybrid has already caught many people off-guard. Its intensity can quickly take on extreme proportions, and it’s definitely for neither beginners nor the faint-of-heart. Its head-slamming euphoric buzz stems mostly from Amnesia, while the profound body high is a trait inherited from Blueberry. Both these parent strains are tried-and-tested cannabis stalwarts that serve as a fantastic genetic base. But their union would not have resulted in an autoflowering version without the addition of Ruderalis genes. Available from Homegrown Cannabis Co., these autoflowering seeds grow super-fast. Outdoor cultivators will be pleased to know that this plant is an exemption to the general rule that autos perform poorly when planted outside. In fact, Auto Blue Amnesia can produce twice as much yield outside than when grown indoors. GROWING BLUE AMNESIA AUTOFLOWER SEEDS Setting aside the fact that Blue Amnesia can indeed bring on a numbing body high, it’s the intensity of its cerebral effects that fascinate many growers. A typical Sativa plant has a flowering period of 10 to 12 weeks, and that does not include the germination and vegetation phases. Blue Amnesia Auto, on the other hand, takes only an average of six weeks from seeds to harvest. One distinct advantage of choosing autos over other types of seeds is that the plants do not depend on the light cycle. For that reason, growers can start planting as soon as summer begins, and start new batches by cloning if so desired all the way up until late October or early November. It’s this possibility of continuous growth and multiple harvests that offsets the smaller yields when compared to regular or feminized varieties. Blue Amnesia Auto’s outdoor yield of 7 ounces per plant is significantly higher than others of its ilk. It actually performs better in al fresco settings than it does indoors – under artificial lights, this strain produces only 0.33 ounces per square meter. Once mature, it boasts dark olive-green buds with the unmistakable heritage of Blueberry coming through in its bluish undertones. Bright orange hairs surround the flowers, and there’s a generous coating of amber crystal trichomes. FRAGANCE AND FLAVOR Once the flowers start to appear, it won’t take long for the plant to assault the senses with a sugary sweet blueberry scent mixed with strong floral notes. On exhale, it leaves a delicious bubblegum aftertaste. EFFECTS From the onset, the Blue Amnesia experience is incredibly cerebral and insanely profound. It slams into the head with a euphoric rush, and although it could be unnerving for unsuspecting users, this mental stimulation soon stabilizes and leaves people with a clear-headed buzzing high. Often, it comes with heightened sensitivity to surroundings. Even as it promotes an influx of creative ideas and thoughts, its focus-enhancing traits help people stay productive. Once the physical effects begin to swarm into the body, it not only soothes muscles but also melts away tensions. This starts as an uplifting sensation, then intensifies into a heaviness that weighs down the limbs. Blue Amnesia Auto may provide a boost in energy levels early on, but as the Indica traits take over, laziness sets in and eventually manifests in full force. As mentioned, this is a very potent hybrid that newbies are wise to avoid. If used excessively, the overwhelming effects can take on a whole new dimension. Instead of staying focused, the mental stimulation may lead to confusion as users succumb to the intense visual and auditory distortions. The numbing body buzz, too, can intensify to the point of couch-lock. Of course, it could be argued that these extreme narcotic effects are perfect for hardcore users. However, it should be noted that apart from the usual cottonmouth and dry eyes, some people might feel anxious or paranoid because of the overwhelming psychoactive high. When used in moderation, Blue Amnesia is excellent for late afternoon use, and you’ll still be able to get stuff done. After a quick bite, and as the body falls into a state of deep relaxation, sleep will be just around the corner. MEDICAL Blue Amnesia has also been used as a medicinal cannabis, and stress relief is said to come top of the list of benefits it provides. Its mood-altering ability may help those suffering from depression to shift from despair to cheeriness. It may not be a cure, but the reprieve it offers can be very comforting. As a natural painkiller, it’s an alternative medicine that many long-time sufferers of chronic ailments have come to appreciate. The strain’s analgesic properties, coupled with its muscle-relaxing compounds, may help reduce general aches and pains. During the high, it’s normal for users to have an intense craving for food, so some people use it to boost the appetite. In particular, it has been used by patients undergoing chemotherapy, a side effect of which is loss of appetite. Blue Amnesia’s Indica side – and the full-bodied relaxation it delivers – helps users chill out in peace and tranquility. Insomniacs may find its ability to induce drowsiness a useful aid to getting good quality sleep. AUTOFLOWER BLUE AMNESIA SEEDS Blue Amnesia Auto represents the best of both cannabis worlds. On the one hand, it takes smokers to soaring heights, and on the other, it leaves them in a state of deep and profound relaxation. By using these autoflowering seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co., home growers can get their hands on a virtually unlimited stash of this hybrid’s buds from the comfort of their indoor grow space, their backyard, or garden. There’s no need to tinker with the light cycle since the plant flowers automatically soon after developing its first node. In some cases, experienced growers have harvested in as few as five weeks. Blue Amnesia Auto seeds are here. As for the rest, it’s up to you.

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