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CBD Tincture 1800mg 4oz

CBD Tincture 1800mg 4oz

by Lazarus Naturals

6 customer reviews


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Not very pleased with their product. The tincture bottle that I received was very oily and kinda off putting. The flavor was also a bit stale. I also bought some pills that did not seem to work as well as other products I have tried. Overall not very happy.


Fantastic products, they work very well and potency is very high compared to other brands we have tried


Sent my info for a low income discount 21 days response. Asked if they received it- no response....I'd love to try their products but I'm not doing business with a business who clearly doesn't GAF and yes, I received an acknowledgment that they got it!


Great Product lineup, dealer networks across the USA to help you decide on the right products. The balms and oils are top notch and give great relief.


I created an account to mostly rebuke the one other review here that exlaims I became high as a kite using CDB oil from Lazarus. That comment is ridiculous, misinformed and leads me to believe the person is a liar and has some sort of abnormal revulsion to cannabis and hemp products circa the ideas of the Reagan presidency. CBD does not get you high, lol. It is does then I would safely assume hot air gets you high. Anyway, I use lazarus CBD and it works great for my anxiety associated with obsessive thought patterns like the ones that ridiculously review by Kemm invokes. I would highly recommend them and they even offer steap discounts for veterans and people on long term disability. Their oil even has a nice terpene profile that gives it a pleasant earthy taste associated with the hemp seed. You'll know what I mean if you have ever eaten a hemp seed. Their product is well packaged and came UPS within a few days of placing my order. The tincture comes in dark bottles and has a dropper with sub ml marks to give you the ability to easily measure and deliver a precise dose. I am extremely happy with them and if you are serious about CBD and have a real issue other than enjoying being full of crap then Lazarus is an exellent choice.


I did not use the Tincture but have read that others have had the same problem with the Tincture as I had with the CBD caps. A friend said she had “Life Changing” results with reduced anxiety when using CBD capsules at approximately 50mg/day, I purchased 1 bottle (40 caps) of Lazarus 50mg CBD Capsules and started taking 1/day to see if CBDs will help ease my anxiety. I was taken by surprise when on day 4 of my 40 day test I found myself HIGHER than a Kite, good thing I was not driving or attempting to perform a job that day (I am retired). This happened 4 times in the first 22 days of my trial, then I started taking them at night before I went to bed. I did not see any improvement with my anxiety and sometimes it seems to be worse although it is not unusual for me to have high anxiety for short periods of time. While consulting with my doctor for a low iron issue I informed her of my CBD use and she recommended I stop using them as she said she has heard some reports inside the medical community of CBDs actually causing an increase in anxiety and reiterated that she has no studies to prove anything. As for the “getting high”, I live in Colorado and have a medical marijuana license and have had experience with marijuana edibles, all 4 times that I have gotten high from the Lazarus CBD capsules the experience is exactly like consuming marijuana edibles. I have no bad experiences (car wreck...) to report but I have had to change the days plans four times, being retired helps but if I was still working and driving this would have been totally unacceptable. When I contacted Lazarus about this issue they were apologetic but offered no resolution. This is the 1st time I have used CBDs in a pill format, maybe this is not unusual when ingesting CBDs although I have not heard of this issue, none of the topical CBD products I have used have gotten me high. This review is an honest account of my experience, I no longer take CBD capsules but am still optimistic that CBDs can help some people, just be careful…