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Walnut Launch Box Kit

Walnut Launch Box Kit

by Magic-Flight

7 customer reviews


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Wed Aug 02 2017
My favorite portable vaporizer. Very efficient extraction of THC. Economical in that you can put a small amount of flowers in the trench and get the desired effect. I've purchased many portable vapes and this is the one I go back to every time. Great for travel and being in nature. The Magic Flight Box and I have had many adventures together.
Tue Mar 28 2017
LOVE this vape. It is easy to use with the light indicator, fits conveiently into a little pouch that I keep in my purse, and with 2 batteries, I can always have one charged! The tokes are super clean; if you haven't vaped before, you haven't really TASTED Maryjane. I prefer this to an oil vape that requires a cartrige, much more econimical! #420sweepstakes
Fri Mar 24 2017
The Magic Flight Launch Box is the ultimate reliable vape! I've owned mine for 5 years, and it still works like new! Highly recommend to buy additional batteries though! #420Sweepstakes
Thu Mar 23 2017
I've had an MFLB for about 3 years, and I loved it! I say that in past tense cause I have moved on to dabs, and I don't have concentrate trays for my MFLB :( But anyway, this is great for flower. It took me a little getting used to at first because I couldn't find the right inhaling technique, but once I got it, I was FLYING. I wouldn't feel much at first, but after about a minute, it would hit me like a ton of bricks in the face. It is a bit pricey, but I'd still recommend this!
Thu Mar 23 2017
My favorite vape ever. I don't think I've ever had any problems with it. You can use it with or without the mouth piece as well. Love the wood work. #420sweepstakes
Tue Mar 21 2017
The Walnut finish is much nicer than the original one. As a product this is pretty easy and convenient. The battery lasts pretty long, and I love that you don' t have to wait for the device to heat up. My only pet peeve is that you have to mix the flower around after a couple tokes. Otherwise, its all thumbs up. #420Sweepstakes.
Sat Mar 18 2017
Beautiful piece, love the wood finish and ease of use. This is a very portable and functional piece. Can't wait till I can add another to my collection! #420sweepstakes #viridianvalley