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Nerdie Birdie Cannabis Flower Willie Cheesie

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

About this product

Willie Cheesie is a well-balanced hybrid tipping toward its' Sativa mother. This pungent strain offers intense cheese aroma with hints of fruit. The flavor is earthy, cheesy, and sweet. The flower structure is lacking in hairs displaying calyx with a rich shade of green. The father was selected from SSSC [Super Sativa Seed Club] Vault Williams Wonder seeds sent privately to Washington State from Spain. This famous pure Indica is rare to find in genuine genetic form and provides the fruity notes hidden in the cross. The mother was a Legacy Skunk Cheese Sativa homogenized by a guerilla grower over several decades in the Willapa Bay area of Washington State. This is a true hybrid of two pure bloodlines – Sativa and Indica – Coming together to create a plant with amazing structure, fast flowering time, robust immunity, capable of finishing in the short NW outdoor season and performing indoors for the rest of the year. It performs above expectation in a greenhouse environment. The effects start with a euphoric uplifting body high. A sense of warmth takes over as the sensation moves its way up your jaw, cheeks, face, and head. This is followed by a steady climb towards a psychoactive peak that numbs anxiety while encouraging introspection. This strain is notably an aphrodisiac for both partners. Users report that it is their most beloved strain to enjoy with a glass of wine. It is a well-rounded sensation, a potent experience, and the effects are long lasting. The high ends more cerebral than it began and finishes into the vapor leaving one feeling refreshed and centered. Relaxing yet awake. Medically, patients experience strong pain relief, a great suppression of nausea, lowered anxiety, and increased blood flow. A relaxation of the muscles helps with cramps and tissue pain. This strain is reported to be neutral in appetite response with some users reporting appetite suppression. Patients that suffer from sexual dysfunctions will find this plant very therapeutic and aiding. Those with nerve pain, joint pain, and especially back pain will find this plant a good strain to get them through the day. People with Anxiety, PTSD, and ADD will find this strain rewarding - a missing link that allows energy while calming the mental spaces. Willie Cheesie was bred by David McDowell with the assistance of an unnamed breeder in the Willapa Bay area of Washington State while David was growing at a small medical dispensary on the Port of Raymond. David McDowell is the Master Grower and Co-Founder of Nerdie Birdie Farms in Port Townsend Washington. The name "Willie Cheesie" is a pun of 'really cheesy' while referencing the Williams in the cross - spelled with I's and E's in honor of the farms spelling of "Nerdie Birdie." In-house this plant is called "Ras Ible" after the activist and friend. The flower can be found under the brand name "Local" and "Nerdie Birdie" in Western Washington.

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Might be one of my all time favorite strains ever. The balance of sativa and indica attack both the fight-or-flight response given throughout the day from PTSD and the body-numbing power of the Williams Wonder takes away all the deep aches. Not often strains like this come around that cover a broad spectrum of issues, Willie Cheesie is one of them.

About this brand

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NB Farms is a family of passionate cannabis patients, farmers, breeders, and scientists with decades of experience cultivating and processing legal cannabis. We obsess over improving the health & happiness of our customers by offering strains & formulations known to Relax, Relieve & Revive. Our cultivation & manufacturing facilities use the latest organic, non-gmo, gluten-free, vegan, all-natural methods to craft flower, vapor, topicals, capsules, oils, & concentrates.