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Lemon G

8 customer reviews


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This was recommended to me by my local dispensary attendant. I explained that I wanted something gentle, uplifting and relaxing. Something that could affectively mediate my anxiety, without causing me feelings of incapacitation. I use a non-combustion vaporizer for it and has been very effective for me! I later found out that my doctor says this is a popular choice among his patients.


Great vaped flavor, RSO TEARS CBD/THC Lemon G my favorite! TCS #1 again. A request if I may GG RSO strain PLEASE!!! KUTGWTKU!


Great if you're looking for a low grade high feeling and light headbuzz. Anxiety and the rush of the day slipped away quickly. It came on very fast. After a bit it left with a nice light feeling while still be aware.


Very very tasty. No doubt about the "lemon" in Lemon G. I still find it pretty potent at high doses so watch if you're trying to medicate for anxiety. If you take it easy it's a great mellow flower and the batch I got looks like it was grown expertly.


This strain blew away the clouds! Made me happy and productive! Perfect for when you need to be lifted out of a funk.


I picked up the Lemon G along with The Wife because I truly wanted to feel a CBD so to speak. And the lineage of this beautiful flower was very intriguing to me. Anything that has Northern Lights in the family tree is fam to me! This again is a gorgeous glower. Love to crack open the grinder right after she's done her work to and get hit with that lemony northern lights type scent. Very appealing! A very mellow non sedating ride ensued. Very happy so far with the folks at Terrapin and the medicine they have been providing to the great people of Pennsylvania. I look forward to more CBD laden strains. Stay high my friends!


Nice lemon flavor with a very mild effect. Takes the edge off of anxiety without a strong headbuzz.


The first few times I tried this I wasn't crazy about it, too mild of an effect. However, I followed a Durbin concentrate buzz with some of this and the affect was lovely. Took the edge off of the sativa buzz and left me feeling very high and relaxed. A very pleasant feeling. Plus it worked wonders on my chronic pain. THC: 10.44% and CBD: 7.56%