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Ugly Stepsister

Ugly Stepsister

by Terrapin Care Station

9 customer reviews


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Smell and taste is very sweet. Subtle relaxing effects that slowly builds into a very nice relaxed state. “Ugly Stepsister” is actually very beautiful.


Taste and smell is amazing! Relaxing and didn’t make me too tired. Perfect Indica, even for daytime!


Felt almost immediately. Strong head and behind the eyes high at first, but it turns sativa-like in that it "wakes you up" (a bit) after about 15 minutes. When the behind the eyes high wears off, you still feel extremely relaxed but not too tired. This is a great indica for daytime use!


Relaxing but light not effective enough its a light indica for your day tho for ppl that perfer indicas. Buds are pretty as always & it has a citrus taste. Got from Beyond Hello Dispensary in Center City.


I'd liken the look of these buds to a slushie you'd make as a kid by mixing all the flavors. She's definitely ugly & proud. This strain has a woodsy, cedar-like scent and provides a nice head-swimming high that helps take the edge off nerve and muscle pain.


Intense body buzz, great for insomnia and pain relief. In my opinion this is the best indica from Terrapin. Frosty and beautiful purple flower. The flower was extremely dry and brittle but nontheless very fragrant. It smelled of lemon and berries. It was sweet and fruity when vaped.


I started on ganja at age 14 and now 46 years old now, so not much works like it did years ago. I get 3 eighths a week from dispensary and they all look nice but this strain was like an Indica tranquilizer dart and got me right with half a stick as opposed to my usual 2 to the head. I dig the sugar frosted purple nugs too.


Terrapins Ugly Stepsister is a mediocre strain. Beautiful dark, purple-ish buds with a spicy taste and aroma. Gives a relaxing body buzz without being too over-powering. Paired well with Bablyon Berlin.


It a bit dry from the sealed container no biggie ... it smells really nice strong fruity pineapple ,strawberry bubble yum smell guessing from the P 99 the bud structure was similar to the chunky d and Cindy 99 combined tight diesel looking buds stretched out dark green with a purple hue some orange hairs spread out really nice actually taste was earthy ,Woody, diesel pepper flavor not as fruity as I thought it would be but man this stuff packs a pretty good punch. I would love to grow this ....