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The Green Cross - San Francisco

Wow, I can't express enough how much I adore this place! Huge thanks to Will for patiently walking me through the world of CBD edibles, which was a huge selection at a great price. Seriously, everyone needs to check this spot out - the staff here is incredibly professional and knowledgeable. Trust me, you won't regret it + the Dr. Suess art is amazing!

Vapor Room

My first visit to the establishment left much to be desired in terms of the welcoming atmosphere. It took longer than expected to get checked in, which didn't set a positive tone for the experience. I was simply looking to purchase a quick joint while waiting for a friend to arrive. Unfortunately, the demeanor of the staff member didn't contribute to a pleasant experience. They appeared to be somewhat grumpy or disinterested in assisting me. This lack of enthusiasm made it challenging to feel comfortable and ended up leaving empty handed.

Off The Charts - San Francisco

So, I strolled into this spot and right off the bat, the security dude was super chill, making the whole check-in vibe smooth and fast. I was kinda amped about it and was looking to snag a pre-roll or maybe a single edible to mellow out my day. Once I got in, this staff member came up to help me out, but honestly, it felt pretty surface-level. Yeah, they ran through the products and all, but it kinda missed that spark, you know? Overall, the check-in from the guard was solid and the help wasn't bad, but they really gotta step up their game on the product know-how and the whole engagement scene, especially with the choices being kinda limited.