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Natural Remedies West

Small shop with BIG deals and solid quality products. They have really gotten some great brands and quality in here again these days. Their ounce specials are going to be the best in the metro area, promise. Been to a lot of shops from Ashland OR to the border of OR/WA, and the prices for quality are hands down the best you’ll find,and the staff is bad ass, they learn who you are and what you enjoy and are always 100% honest! Phil, Ron, vonna, Taylor and Aly are all my solid fav budtenders(aka basically everyone)! They always go above and beyond and give the best service and conversations! Extra shout out to Phil for always being the consistent friendly face we see and always on top of it!!! You rock!!! THANK YOU !

Kaleafa Cannabis Co. - Tigard

This place is a freaking BUZZ KILL. The budtenders here are all working at a low end semi corporate store and ALWAYS make the experience miserable and act like they’re the shit and treat the customers with pure rudeness. They love to lie to you and tell you everything you ask about is good so it’ll move. And their attitudes majority of the time are just awful. NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO HAVE THIS JOB SO MAYBE JUST QUIT SINCE YOU ARE CLEARLY THAT MISERABLE. I keep trying to give this shop chances and they strike out every single time. I’d rather go to the Woodstock location if had the choice and I live spitting distance from this location. Regardless this is why I go to natural remedies another 7 min down the road, better bud and WAY better prices, lmaoooo $280 for a med oz lmaoooo. It’s a nah

Attis Trading - 7737 SW Barbur

Honestly after the incidents we have had with the security staff and how aggressive they are, and how they low key harass you, just leaves a bad taste in my mouth and makes it hard to return to this location. I haven’t been feeling well so I’d chosen to stay home, my boyfriend was out getting flower for us(he’s also a medical patient) and since they hadn’t updated the menu in 6 days, when he went in he called me to let me know what they had, the security guy was literally harassing him to get off the phone, enough to where he left without being able to get something to help me feel better. I called the store to inform them what had happened. Said I’d be getting a call back either that night or the next day, that was monday night. It’s now Saturday. We happen to choose Attis after we missed a drop at another shop, we love Attis, this last time tho def makes us not want to return. And in reality the last 3 times we’ve been there the security team they have is just disrespectful AF and honestly rude and I’ve seen them on their phone plenty of times so apparently that no phone rule doesn’t apply to them. Please improve this area as well as keep the online menu updated for situations like this when someone is ill and trying to stay home and the pick up/delivery option isn’t available, especially if it’s too late in the evening. Please don’t be hassling loyal customers who have returned time and time again and spent $$$$ at your shop. I spoke to the manager Ben and he seemed concerned and apologetic but at this point I now believe he was full of crap seeing I have yet to hear from anyone. TONI ROCKS THO WE LOVE HER!

Kaleafa Cannabis Weed Dispensary Beaverton

Carter and Tyler are easily my favorite bud tenders there!!!! Thanks guys for always being so friendly and remember what I like even tho you see hundreds of thousands of people! Thanks for always having lots of selection and high quality bud. Keep keepin on friends and stay safe!

Emerald Triangle Dispensary- Talent

For my first visit Crystal was very helpful! She was very sweet and knowledgeable about the products and helped me pick out some flower that worked just right! The taste was on point and the high was mellow, to help me sleep, just what I was looking for! The dispensary it’s self is smaller than most but it flows well. The pricing here isn’t bad either considering some in the area might be slightly higher. Thanks again CRYSTAL for your wonderful service!

Lemonnade Milwaukie

Seriously, terrrrrrible and painful customer service... I understand personal policy for the business but it’s not a general rule for Oregon that as you being the receptionist you can’t leave the reception desk and that you can’t place someone on hold for less than a min to go peek in and see if there’s a box full of joints behind the counter.. I didn’t like my experience the first time I went in and I was about to drive almost a half hour to this location just to buy a 10pk if Tko js but the girl on the phone was insistent that I either be placed on hold or call back?? Like, I literally just told you I would be driving a half hour to come spend money at your store, the least you could do is just pop over to the budtending room and double check whether or not the item is there since it wasn’t available online for the customer to see... terrible customer service.. for many reasons but especially that I won’t be returning.

Grohi Station

Everything about this location is just simple. They have literally anything for anyone and the pricing basically reflects that. The gal that's been working the last few times my boyfriend and I came in, is super steller!! She's friendly and welcoming and so funny, we laughed pretty long about my change being $4.20 the other night ha. The medible selection is decent, nothing over the top. They do carry this lemonade syrup my boyfriend is obsessed with. He is medical and between that and the squibs when he switches it up from smoking, and gets some edibles, those are his go to. They have a small amount of shatter or cartridges consistently. Over all, not a bad spot for a quick stop for all your needs.

Cannabliss & Co. - BLVD

Simple atmospher. Stellar staff. Always super friendly and always good side convo when purchasing the goods. They carry some great pharms/strains hehee! Pricing is actually reasonable. They just out here trying to help a sista out. -cat shirt lady

Cannabis Nation Beaverton (Blooming Deals)

This place is too expensive for the competitive market that's out there. There's so many other dispensaries specially not very far from sw to go into the east side and get way better deals and pricing. The product of cannabis itself is not the best but from all the options I only saw a couple of good farms in there and very limited amounts of strains by them. The gal at the front counter(blue hair) was very friendly, but I don't see why if someone doesn't use their first timers deal the day they come in(specially if you okay the facility keeping your info in the system, they can see your purchase history and see you didn't use it that day) why if you didn't find something that day, why you couldn't use your discount the next time, if you decide to return, just seems like bad customer service to me specially being in the industry, and due to that, after giving this dispensary a first time visit, I probably won't be back.

Mr. Nice Guy - Portland

I feel bad I realized I have yet to write a review for this place ! If you just need a simple place to go and a great deal on pot this is a great place. I can agree the bud doesn't always look the best but people forget(since novelty with weed has become such a thing) to try the herb before you dawg on it. I'm smoked some bud that looked fantastic and paid top $$ for and it didn't do shit, I've also smoked some not so great looking weed and got exactly what I was looking for. The yenzo cookies is my fav. The service here is pretty good, adam(I think) the olderish gentleman that's normally in there running this place, is super friendly, super helpful, tries his hardest to get you what you need. My man and I come in here often and he always takes good care of not just us but anyone he comes in contact with. They also have a small not too overwhelming selection of edibles and cartridges and oil. And the price you can't beat on the herb man. Pricing for other items aside from herb are slightly higher than most but they just got started a little less than a year ago so either way, I recommend you come here. Great neighborhood shop. We usually come in late night and it's almost never busy, I drive by during the day and the parking lot is usually semi full but they have a lot of parking so no worries. THANKS GUYS !