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Portland's Oldest Dispensary is opening a new location to spread the bliss. With 6 years of providing Oregon with the highest quality cannabis - with affordable prices. We take pride in making sure that all of our customers find their own bliss. We are located right across from the DMV on Powell Blvd.


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Cannabliss & Co. - BLVD

Still need goodies for Thanksgiving? The BLVD is stocked up with a great selection of flower for $89 & $99 an oz and amazing edibles too!!!

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“This is the best dispensary I've been to in all of Portland. Everyone is so friendly and so knowledgeable. I'm a beginner to understanding marijuana but they are super articulate and non judgemental. Not to mention they have probably the lowest prices in Portland. They really make me feel at home and because of this they will continue to get my business exclusively. ”

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“Here is your review: “UNHAPPY would be an understatement...Made to feel absolutely unwelcome at the Blvd Cannabliss on Powell. I have been going here since it opened. It WAS my favorite place. Not anymore. Not sure who this budtender was, but he was beyond condescending and rude, so I will not be back. To start my fiasco at Cannabliss, I watched him act like a smitten grade-schooler helping a Blonde gal while I patiently waited. When he finally got to me, I asked him about a specific product listed on their website...then he unbelievably told me something that totally baffled me--the stuff listed on Cannabliss' website was not actually what they showed! NONE of the pics of the bud are actual pics of said strain--they are STOCK PHOTOS that some company named Baker puts on their website. He also said some of the things for sale were NOT in stock, even though one could still ORDER them online?!? When I reacted with incredulity that the website was in essence a lie, HE got snippy and mad at ME?!? Don't know about the rest of you, but when I look at online menus, I look for the color and the Trichomes. If I see something tasty, I get down there and get it. I don't like the idea of being lied to or that I could have ordered stuff from their online store that they wouldn't have when I went to pick it up. Hard to believe Cannabliss feels more like a car lot now than a Dispensary. The ol "Bait & Switch." Bad business model, IMHO. Hard to believe this budtender treated me so rudely. Even after being treated so crappily, I decided to go ahead and buy what I came in for. Handed him the cash and started to ask him to show me some new strains, but he he just spun on his heels and walked away. Unbelievable. No worries...I don't expect anyone from Cannabliss to respond or to correct the behavior, since it appears the do not give a shit about loyal customers. But, fortunately, there are lots more dispensaries who treat customers with courtesy & respect in Portland, and I will be patronizing them in the future. No more Cannabliss for me.... "”

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