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Five Zero Trees East

Five Zero Trees East has such a great selection of bud. Ranging from 6 bucks a gram to 18 bucks, they have a different variety in strains and indoor/outdoor grow options. The budtenders are very friendly and know their stuff. Will for sure be coming back.

MediGreen Collectives

Third time I showed up and asked for items on the Leafly and they always tell me they ran out a long time ago even though it says their menu is updated frequently.

The New Amsterdam

I bought clones from here and was very underwhelmed with their quality. The girl at the counter told us that they had been cut off from the parent plant a week ago but when I took them home, I found a tag that said it had been a month since they were potted. My one clone is root bound due to this and is no longer growing. I would not have purchased it if I was told it had been a month since it was potted.