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Berry White

I picked up this yummy was at Cult Cannabis in Ferndale, Wa. It's by LUXE and is limited edition. The aroma and flavor is packed into this yummy saucy concentrate. It has some surgery crystals in there too. The aroma sand flavor was like fresh berries and the smell off mother Earth herself. So complex and tasty. Yum! 😘 I really appreciate the limited packaging on this container. So much packaging isn't necessary. Thanks for pushing the way to a more sustainable future. πŸ™ I wanted it to be more sleepy 😴, but just felt super chill. Would have been perfect for a "Netflix and Chill" kind of evening. I did get some amazing stretches in. So it was a great evening ritual strain for me. Bath, mediate, journals, stretch, etc... I'll need a heavier indica for my severe insomnia, but this one is perfect for other evening activities. πŸ›€πŸ§˜πŸ“°πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜ HMU if you'd like c to collaborate on predict reviews. Peace, love, and eternal bliss, Aunt Mimi

Orange Poison

Mmmmm. Good Pros: texture and aroma I love the sugary terpy texture of the wax and the aroma is nice. The flavor is a nice tangie citrus with lingering Diesel. It hits more like a Sativa but minus the anxiety. Price point The price was right at one of my favorite shops in Bellingham Satori. And I had a 20% off because I went to a class at the CMU. What? Pain relief Nice pain relief that I usually get from a heavy indica. Creativity and energy I was able to tap into my creative energy and pumped out some bitchin' cannabis inspired jewelry for pimpmypipe. And made my kitchen sparkle. Win win. Cons: my mouth was dry AF. But whatevs! I have jolly ranchers. I wish there was a terp profile on the package. A girl can dream. Too much packaging and plastic. HMU if you'd like to collaborate on some product reviews.