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Beyond Hello - Goose Lake (Rec)

I switched from another dispensary within the area, and I am already in love. They gave me so much information on every strain they had, every item they had, and even information regarding my card and the state laws. They did not oversell or undersell by any means, and they seemed genuinely concerned about my health. Nonetheless this is my new dispensary

Ascend Cannabis - Collinsville

The quality of the flower (depending on cultivator since they even carry the lesser) is not what i have a problem with. I never was disappointed in my medicine. My problem is the attitude of the workers, and how they push me to buy unnecessary items. They don't seem to know much about the products, and they carry everything from good cultivators to crappy ones. This just seems like a "for the money" kind of company. They told me it would take weeks to change dispensaries which was just not true, they also told me the other dispensaries wouldn't have any good products, also simply not true. The wait til is crazy and other places offer discounts, and they will fix problems in a timely manner. I have had problems with disposable pens and they basically laughed at me and told me I was using them wrong. Meanwhile at the dispensary i switched too, i had a problem with a cartridge and they got me a new one!!! Its just ridiculous