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The Gallery - South Hill

The best customer appreciation in town. My budtender today, says Sam on the receipt, and his manager, went above and beyond. Had ordered my second favorite strain online because it wasn't showing the one I really wanted. After combining a half and two quarts to equal an oz and paying for it, I asked when they'd have what I was really after. Sam looked and they had an oz! Since I hadn't left the store yet I asked if I could swap it, unfortunately all sales are final and Sam complying with store policy, apologized and said he couldn't. Fortunately a manger/owner(?) overheard us and said if it wasn't online to be seen I shouldn't lose and told him to go ahead and make it happen since I hadn't even left the counter yet. I walked out with what I really wanted and saved some money too. They understand how to keep a customer coming back and getting an old fart who rarely leaves reviews to write all this.

Space Jack

As an old '80's skunkweed Indica smoker, this is the closest approximation to what we all just remember and fondly called "indica." Before weed had big names, there were 3 "flower" choices, Indica, Thai weed, and sativa. Sativa was a weak, short high. We called it "ragweed". You've been able to buy sativa out of high times and other weed magazines, legally, for decades. Thai stick was great weed, but it was a completely brown weed, zero green period. It often had seeds. But if you bought a large enough quantity it would come tied to stick (like a chopstick), with a hemp thread which was pretty cool, hence "Thai Stick". Remember? Space Jack is like good old fashioned indica, with out the worry of everyone in a 30' foot radius smelling the skunk in your pocket. Great tasting, easy burning, long lasting high. I wrote this on Space Jack, if that indicates the type of high lol