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Reefer Red's Cannabis Shop

The best dispensary in central Maine, hands down. Laurie and Lilian are both so nice and the selection is fantastic. I've tried a number of the cartridges and flower varieties and have yet to find one I dislike. The location is also very convenient, just a short drive off exit 157. You'll be glad you made the trip!

Timberland Herbal Connections

The store is impeccable and staff is friendly. Their cartridges however, are not good at all. I drove up from Newport and purchased over $120 in cartridges after seeing the good reviews. Upon arriving home, I opened up the packaging (their cartridges come in a plastic tube within a foil ziplock bag) and to my dismay, the cartridges are made out of plastic, rubber and a cotton wick rather than the standard and far superior glass, ceramic and steel cartridges. To those who are unaware, plastic and oils are both organic compounds that interact with one another over time. In addition to containing many questionable materials, plastic can absorb the oils they come in contact with. This means that the longer oil cartridges stay on the shelf, the higher the chance you have toxin leech into your oil. With no way to return my purchase, I decided to try out the cartridges in hopes that the product was still usable. Unfortunately, all of my cartridges (Super Lemon Haze, Church OG, Mowie Wowie) taste like plastic and artificial flavoring, flushing over $120 down the drain. While I can't speak towards the quality of their flower, I suggest purchasing your cartridges elsewhere until changes are made.