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Berkeley Patients Group

A dispensary with history you can trust. No hyperbole, “airs” or pretense to BPG. Excellent staff, service and very well run community dispensary. Prices are fair but not the cheapest. Consistent.

Harborside Health Center

The place most aspire to be! Huge selection and incredibly helpful staff. Seriously some of the best customer service in any industry. Great for first timers and veterans alike. The diverse staff all have strong backgrounds in various areas of cannabis. Just speak up and tell them your needs. Their return policy can't be beat. There's no question why Harborside gets voted best of the San Francisco Bay Area year after year.


The Harle-Tsu strain I have is tested at: CBD 19.1%, THCA 0.4%, THC 0.2% and is being sold under the Marley Natural: Red name. Like other reviewers, I love this strain for tackling tension which helps lessen pain. I wouldn't say it's the best at masking any significant pains but it helps alleviate some associated symptoms - which for me helps a lot. Another great thing about this strain is that it seems pretty good at handling ongoing, underlying anxiety. And with such low THC levels there is very little (if any) head high. This makes for a perfect work strain for me. No, it's not much for creativeness and inspiration but when you just need to get down to business and execute those creations, this is proving to be an indispensable strain for me.