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As a Vet forgotten by the VA because I was having a good day when they "evaluated" me and determine I was 0% disabled! Now it's been long enough that the VA can shrug it's collective shoulders and tells me they don't care how many back surgeries (5) so now fighting my pain had become a crusade with me. Finding the right strain to make our lives better. Like Midnight and Blue Dream. One gives me pain relief while the other helps me sleep!! My pain is such that I normally sleep 2-3 hours then the pain wakes me and I have to walk around to help alleviate my pain so I can try for another 2 or 3 hours. But, now it's one hit from "Midnight" and one from Blue Dream and I last maybe 15 minutes before I'm off to dreamland.! Again, thank God for SCIENCE !!! peace

Blue Dream

That "insomnia" bar should be longer! Plus it has good pain relief too. Take it from me, a cripple suffering from chronic pain which causes me to go sleepless for a day or two or three, it seemed like I did my "test hit" then fell asleep for 7 hours straight!! I love it!!! Thank God for "Science"!!