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Stoned Fruit Syrups - 250mg - 1-1-1 - Blackberry

My husband and I tried the THC only Blackberry syrup first; the next time we decided to try it we bought the 1:1:1 instead because we had read that CBN is supposed to be really good for sleep (I'm disabled and have a lot of chronic pain/insomnia issues. Well, after the syrup kicked in about 20 minutes later, it was like the stuff was laced with Viagra or cocaine because we both started craving something, but it definitely wasn't sleep lol. We're both in our 40s and we were acting like we did in our 20s when we first met (nudge nudge wink wink). Then we FINALLY fell out at about 4am and didn't wake back up until 5pm. Now we buy it once in a while for a little "date night fun". But it in all honesty it works well for sleep, if you don't mind the little extra "side effect"! Would definitely recommend it to anyone who might be interested.

Portland Dispensary - Weed Land

I went to Weed Land for the first time with the intention of buying a half ounce of NBK OG. I had put in a pickup order ahead of time and when I got there I was informed that the NBK OG was sold out. The budtender showed me their Weed Land Cake, saying it was a strain specially grown for the dispensary. I decided to go ahead and buy a half ounce of it, and WHOA!!! I definitely don't regret getting it, it's an ass-kicker and that's putting it mildly lol! Would most definitely do business with them again in the future!

The Flowershop Powellhurst

I have come here on more than one occasion during business hours and they were closed for no reason. I have been buying CBD flower from them the past couple of months and it seems like every other time I try to go through all the trouble of dealing with the road construction I end up empty-handed because they're closed with no explanation. It's starting to get really old.

Empower® 4PLAY 5mL

My husband and I have never tried any kind of infused topical for any reason, and the 4th of July was my 21st "420 anniversary". We were spending the night at a motel for a little privacy, so I decided to buy 4Play as a special treat. I asked a guy who works at the dispensary if he had ever heard anything from other customers about it, and said he had been told it "works fantastic." That night I used a little on my husband and he had a very positive response to it, and then he used it on me and I will definitely say that it's exceeded my expectations...my husband and I don't need any help making our love life more pleasurable by any means, but 4Play will certainly shoot it into another galaxy!

The Canna Shoppe

Love the atmosphere and Enzo is awesome and my fiance and I are definitely going to be coming back soon!

Diem Cannabis - Columbia

I moved to Portland a little less than 2 months ago, so I've been slowly visiting different dispensaries in town trying out their products and getting to know which strains I like most. I visited Farm Grass Table for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I must say that I was impressed... the inside is huge and inviting, the staff is knowledgeable and helpful, and this will be a shop I regularly buy from because they sell 2 of my favorite strains that I have yet to find anywhere else in town, Hawaiian Lights and Northern Lights! Farm Grass Table is definitely going to be a go-to dispensary on my shopping list from now on!

One Draw Two

I just moved to Portland from Idaho and this place came highly recommended. I have visited several times since then and purchased at least one thing each time. The employees here are awesome, friendly, and are always willing to help me if I don't exactly know what I want when I walk in. Every strain they have recommended to me that I have tried has been amazing... my fiance and I even got a chance to meet the owner and he bought us each a pre-roll off his top shelf! I would most definitely send people to check them out if they haven't yet, I am a loyal customer for life now!