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One Draw is about family and community. We grew up in this neighborhood, and believe it's our moral and ethical obligation to give back what was given to us. Our priority is to support local vendors and artisans; to strengthen our local economy. We can complain about the state of the world, OR actively work to change it. We must begin with our own community......and will never need to break the bank to get some dank !! Deals Everyday! 1st Customer Pick Sundays: First customer of the day gets to choose the special from a random selection of options! Pre-Roll Mondays: Deals on pre-rolls! Bulk up Tuesdays: 7g for 3.5g price on select flower! Wellness Wednesday: Save 20% on all Topicals and 10% on all Decarbed Oils! Tasty Thursdays: Select edibles discounted! CBD Fridays: All CBD products discounted. Flower included! Shatterdays: $5/g OFF on ALL Extracts (Half grams $2.50/OFF) Want to skip the line? Send us a pre-order to Once we complete your order, we will respond saying your order is ready to be picked up! Follow us on Facebook and instagram to keep up to date with deals and new products! Facebook: Instagram: Prices are shown by color and pre and (post tax) pricing Pink Flower Shelf: 1g = $12 ($14.40). 3.5g = $35 ($42). 7g = $65 ($78). 14g = $120 ($148). 28g = $220 ($264) Yellow Flower Shelf: 1g = $10 ($12). 3.5g = $30 ($36). 7g = $55 ($66). 14g = $105 ($126). 28g = $200 ($240). Blue Flower Shelf: 1g = $9 ($10.80). 3.5g = $25 ($30). 7g = $45 ($54). 14g = $85 ($102). 28g = $170 ($204). Orange Flower Shelf: 1g = $7 ($8.40). 3.5g = $20 ($24). 7g = $35 ($42). 14g = $65 ($78). 28g = $125 ($156). White Flower Shelf: 1g = $4 ($4.8). 3.5g = $12 ($14.40). 7g = $20 ($24). 14g = $35 ($42). 28g = $70 ($84).


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Preroll SALE! S.I.N ALL Day, Why not?

Prerolls on SALE! SIN all day! Why not? Every Monday 10% OFF everything for all service industry workers (Show us your county health dept card or a server/worker permit from the OLCC) 1/08/2017 preroll deal: Graves 1.3g joints 15% off....$8.17 after tax! Daily Js and Baby Js 15% off... WHO Survival Packs 15% off UPDATE: Prerolls 15% off (excludes house rolled) SIN all day!

Valid from 1/1/2018 to 4/1/2018.

Preroll sale applies only to selected preroll and subject to change without notice. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug For use only by adults twenty-one years of age and older Keep out reach of children

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One Draw Two

Terrific Tuesday! More dank.... less bank Today's your chance to save some bank and get MORE dank!

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“Great atmosphere at this location, always can count on a laugh or 2😂”

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Thanks for the love!

“always great vibes And great deals will not disappoint. ”

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We definitely try our hardest to make sure we have something that can bring happiness to any budget. Thanks!


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