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Blair Wellness

What happened to Blair Wellness? Obtained my medical card in 2018 and have been a regular there for 5 years. Great prices and I thought the staff were great. I relocated my residence about a year ago. I was in Bmore 9/17/23 and I placed an online order then went to pick up an order around 3pm. The experience was a NIGHTMARE scenario. Some dispensaries can handle the additional business now that recreational use is legal but this is one that cannot. Not one original staff member to be found. The incompetence and RUDENESS of the current staff was UNBELIEVABLE ! As far as the non-medical card customers go....the last time I witnessed such blatant ignorance in a Baltimore dispensary was at Starbuds (and I have NEVER gone back). Ran into 2 former Blair employees at the dispensary I went to after the madness at BWC. When I asked them what happened/why they left they both gave the same quick response - RECREATIONAL USERS & GREEDY OWNERS. When a dispensary has to close it's public bathroom to all of the customers because of recreational users hygiene skills are so limited it is time to find another SAFE place to shop.

Liberty - Baltimore

99% of the staff are very friendly but this place has a lot of drama. From a truck plowing through its walls in an attempted robbery to kids outside hounding customers to buy fake vapes. Who needs that BS? After complaining about the kids outside I was told to notify security....the same security guards who roll their eyes at customers just for being there? Why would anyone pay those kind of prices when comparatively a lot of other dispensaries have REAL sales....BOGO 50% off is not a deal. Check other dispensaries specials. I will go again if I am desperate but it is all about saving $$$$ not padding Maggie's wallet. Covid positive guard.....HMMMM.