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Grape Stomper OG

Grape stomper leaves me feeling uplifted with a pleasing sedative overtone. This lovely OG blend is heavy in myrcene and relaxing. Perfect for day or night, but may cause a little sleepiness for some depending on intake. Stomper feels like an indica to me, but I known the sativa side is there when my mind feels lifted. Relaxed, slightly sedated feel, with a decent ability to focus in on things. Positive, relaxed, uplifted feel.👌

Golden Lemon

Wow. This in a live resin from Giddy Up is killer. Not trying to name drop, but being specific. I’ve tried the shatter...it’s good, but doesn’t compare to a live resin golden lemons. Music is uplifted. Great enthused mood, relaxed body high. Dabbing. Decent length of a high as well. It probably is indica dominant, but not by much as described...how true. No tweaked Sativa feeling...but the just the good part of the Sativa high. My favorite to date and I’ve tried many. Writing in the damn zone!