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AYR Cannabis Dispensary - Sarasota

First time here but I wouldn’t bother going back and I wouldn’t recommend you try it either. No flower, no concentrates, only half ratios carts and topical creams.

Curaleaf - Sarasota

Just an update from my last review, I had not yet opened all of the containers of flower and I just realized that one eighth they had sold me expires in 2 months and had leaves that are brown and dead. Would never go back.

Trulieve - Sarasota

If you are a true connoisseur of cannabis living in Sarasota county then this dispensary will be your best option. They have the most selection of flower that I have seen, as well as many high potency THC strains. Product-wise, this location has the best stuff you can get locally. However, prepare for long wait times and to be treated like cattle by the staff, who seem to want you in and out as fast as possible. But if you want the best stuff you can get in town then this is the place to go

MÜV - Sarasota - Fruitville

This is a great dispensary, low wait time, very friendly staff and very good quality products for those who are true cannabis connoisseurs. My only complaint would be the flower selection is small and at times they are completely out. I also wish they had more higher THC content flower personally, but when they do have stuff it’s usually very good. Price for rosin is a bit extreme though