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Sticky Diamond- Med

My first visit and I'm hooked! Amazing staff 😎 I decided to open up and try the Ghost Train Haze first, and the aroma is Incredible!! 🔥🔥🔥 (Mix of berries, grape, earth, and haze) Also I opened up and smelled the Blueberry O.g. Moon Rocks, (let's just say, I'm gonna be sleeping very well tonight!)😌 I will be back again most definitely! ✌

Royal Kush

Out of all the strains I have ever smoked, this is my main girl!! The place in town I go has PERFECTED this flower! My cptsd always keeps me very stressed and always on guard, but this strain knocked me on my @$$ in complete bliss... My anxiety went up away with one puff.. Highly Recommend!!


I've been stopping here since I got my card a few months ago and If you haven't checked out this store your missing out! Edibles, Flower, Tinctures, Pipes, Rigs, Papers etc. (You gotta try the drinks!)

Caniba Naturals

Man, am I glad I stopped in here!! Staff is awesome and the selection is always top shelf! I highly recommend trying the Royal Kush, Hands down my new favorite strain. Also got great edibles! Don't take my word check it out for yourself you won't regret I promise you!