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I think this one just hits different with me, upon reading the other reviews. This is my gender weed. I don't know how else to describe it. Even though I'm female biologically, this strain makes me feel like the most badass nonbinary bitch with the equipment to match. Seriously, phantom limb shit going on. It boosts my confidence and makes me feel carefree. Seattle Rainmaker made me think I had a dick and it was delightful. The only reason this isn't a five-star is because it lingers into the next day and usually comes with a headache, but nothing that isn't manageable. It will also make you empty your fridge.

Freeland Cannabis

This was my go-to for Falcanna on the island (as they were the only one who carried it at the time), but has recently become my go-to for everything. I bought my equipment here, and keep going back for the goods. The staff is ALWAYS friendly and knowledgeable, and the flower is always top notch. The range of brands and strains is immense, and they have deals every day. Please go here!

Northern Lights

Disclaimer: I did have an infused pre-roll so mileage may vary. This is the only strain (so far) that quieted my brain. I don't think of my brain as being necessarily very loud or frantic, but this had me experiencing truly zero thoughts. Even the songs stuck in my head stopped. I could zoom in and count the hairs on my arm - that's how much patience and nothingness there was. I could recognize how enormous a tree was to an ant, and felt the scale of the earth. Everything feels like a Ghibli movie. Things just *are* and it's beautiful.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck

ATF makes me feel like electricity is running through my heart and body - in a good way. I feel like I just made love with the Energizer Bunny. I just want to DO THINGS, sometimes it's playing video games and sometimes it's having sex, I just gotta do shit. The sourness and chemically taste and effects are certainly not for everyone, and can be rough on the lungs and throat. Another downside is that I'm *this* close to being a feral dog and biting someone. Not for someone new to sativas or weed in general, but damn it's a chaotic fun ride once you get here!