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Lux Pot Shop - Ballard

Much nicer version of the high end pot shop compared to Diego Pellicier. Staff here was actually knowledgeable and willing to take a second with you, despite being busy. Nice place to stop for some edibles before playing games with friends at Mox.

Kush21 - SeaTac Airport

Really really liked this shop. The quality of bud I got was top shelf. Really liked all the prerolleds, the prices seemed fair. Inventory was great, staff was super helpful. This is gonna be my go to spot when in the Seattle area.

Zips Cannabis | SODO

I was overwhelmingly unimpressed by This location. Staff was unfriendly/unresponsive to questions. The selection and quality was fine, but this being the “high end” establishment I was really underwhelmed. Maybe you have better stuff but your staff sucks so hard that your clientele can’t find it. There are much better places in Seattle to get your weed. Don’t get sucked in by their SEO for “high end cannabis Seattle”, it’s worse than most of the pack.