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Gorilla Butter

Ever wanted to try a relaxing, almost narcotic yet euphoric strain all in one? Here you go

Marathon OG

my tolerance is shot to crap, but damn if marathon og cut thru the bullshit, got me higher than a giraffe's ears. good and euphoric but good body buzz too, would be good for movies/gaming/chillin'. was never a huge follower of nipsey #rip, but this is some bomb ass flower and one of the better ogs I've smoked.

Curaleaf - Youngtown

hadn't been here since it was still Swell, because reasons and stuff, but I'm glad I went. friendly people, well organized and had me in and out in 5 minutes despite having to update my ancient store profile on the spot in the express line. lem dog is amazing; BSL ice cream cake looks like brick weed but smells great and hits like a freight train, so I ain't that mad. will be back fo sho, super sorry to the people waiting behind me in line :-(

Local Joint by Zen Leaf

used to like the drive from the far west to hit up LJ but sold to Verano? lol, no thanks and good luck #patientsbeforeprofits

All Greens

wow, a cartridge filled to the top with hot dog water, enjoy that popcorn lung champ.

JARS Cannabis - Peoria (Med/Rec)

lmfao has anyone paid $30 for a gram of shatter (yes, shatter) since like 2014? loved this spot before but went way too hard for that sweet sweet recreational money, which is a little sad.

Valley of the Sun Medical Dispensary (Med/Rec)

if you're going to try so hard to be like the CA dispos you pattern yourself after (social media or otherwise), try operating like one and getting the product like one, cause the flower you're selling ain't it by a long shot. good luck!

Curaleaf Peoria

love the employees leaving 5 star reviews for their coworkers, come on now...be better.