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Uplift Botanicals

I’m so impressed with the flower. This is where to take a friend in town before you hit the cannabis club. The medical prices for this quality flower are unbeatable. They make stellar edibles (better than double the flower I purchased at a super popular place). The Rec deals are comparable to other places but the flower is so much better than anywhere I’ve been. Compare their Jack Herer strain if they have it in, or any standard; see if you agree.

Lotus Medical

I wish I could move there. Portland killed our medical program. The highest we can get in one package is 100mg. The cost? 30-50$

Nectar - Mississippi

I've reviews for this store before; so I'm just leaving an added comment. The AVO (Apple Valley Organics) product are pretty excellent and the price is unbeatable. I took a chance on a sativa pre-roll, Jack the Ripper; & its very mellow and euphoric. I like it so much, I plan to head back for another :-)

Gram Central Station (duplicate)

Well I was condescended to, other businesses were put down, the product threateened more stem than leaf. The attitude increased when I asked about edibles. As if they don't serve medical people. They were argumentative and lacked knowledge (winning combo). They're too good to care for people who actually need medicine or information; and they really lack product, & frankly lack quality too. I've been there four times, in two years, because I give places the benefit of the doubt. It turns out that while the degree of attitude, ignorance, and poor product varies, as far as hitting every goal, they are remarkably consistent.


The place is kind of small, and after a few minutes of silence, a man's hand and face appeared, sort of, through a little hole in a larger window-like area... At about three feet and a half high. This somehow both relaxed me and endeared them to me. It was surreal. I'm hoping I'm not wrong -was it Chris and Courtney who helped me? Well, they were cool- not snobby or hipster or pretentious etc. Like many budtenders, they're informative and considerate- and they also made me feel comfortable enough to look at and smell and discuss the bud, looking around a while as they helped another person. It reminds me of what Peterson's would have been, if it were tiny, sold pot instead of nudie mags, and existed out by 82nd and Sandy. Though this location just doesn't feel like 82nd usually does; thank goodness. The edibles are in back and I have terrible eye sight, so unfortunately I couldn't see many products; I just didn't want to ask them to show me, just to look at them and take u time, but I know that they wouldn't have thought twice to do it. I chose the CBD/THC green taffy (for me a perfect dose), and two Ripped City Sodas (which at 150mg per, are usually best sipped over ice, over time, with a friend). I found excellent products. I can't wait to go back because their Obama Kush was the subject of much discussion. I overheard another buyer say, in admiration, "that's some Obama Kush right there. That's from his own PRIVATE stash." I'm going to pick some up. Also, Chris chose a pre-roll for me - Gorilla Glue #4, which gave me the most perfect, euphoric and relaxing high at two hits! I could've written a book but instead I listened to detective radio. And wrote this review (my first online and so it's taken me three times... Lol)! So like I said I'm going back. I am so happy I went. The atmosphere and attitude alone made it different than other experiences at dispensaries. Have fun and be responsible!