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Greenlight - Spokane

I absolutely LOVE this place! The budtenders are so knowledgeable but beyond that, they are the kindest people who really care about your well-being and quality of life. I always get a perma smile after leaving that place.. it's truly an experience like none other. Kindness and love go a very long way with me, so I'm totally impressed. Even if the product was sub par (which is ISNT), the people alone would keep me going back. Love you, Green Light!

Sativa Sisters - Spokane Valley

My first and last experience was TERRIBLE. I walked in, and with a decent amount of people behind me, I felt pushed to hurry and make a decision or get to the back of the line, basically. It wasn't a personable experience at all and that was disappointing.. not to mention when I asked simple strain related questions, the one chick had no clue what I meant by "CBD Dominant" flower strains and sent me to the "cafe" - it was a weird vibe in there. Won't be returning.

Locals Canna House - Spokane Valley

I really enjoyed this place! It was my first time in there, and the dude that helped me was super chill and knowledgeable. Got some Colombian Gold and was really impressed. I enjoy my CBD strains, so this really hit the nail on the head for me! It was dank, slightly on the more peppery/herbal smell, with a lemony exhale. Super smooth, and didn't make my throats burn afterward like a lot of strain do for me. The atmosphere was dope, I loved the professional, slightly industrial vibe. Going back asap!

Apex Cannabis - Spokane / Liberty Lake / Otis Orchards

I loved this place! An easy going vibe gave me instant peace as I walked in. The staff was so nice and helped me with everything I needed. I bought some Harlequin X GDP and it was good, but the harvest date was pert near a year ago, and I like to stay within two months (my fault for not noticing) - so for that I will be docking one star for quality, but that's just one strain.. I'm sure they have the dank. All in all, WILL BE GOING BACK!