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Sweet Berry

Wonderful sour citrusy berry smell. Very euphoric head high with some nice relaxation added. Careful before smoking too much. After having 5-6 bong hits I felt quite out of it and a little slow. Great feeling but not great for having conversation. Having said that, if you want to chill out while still being able to be social, a quick personal bowl does wonders. Doesn't make you too tired or out of it, wonderful relaxing euphoric head high, and first hit or 2 taste orgasmic. I see another one of the reviews posting about how this can badly affect anxiety if you let it. I have various diagnosis of anxiety disorders, and I am absolutely fine. Just smoke in an area you feel comfortable in. Paranoia comes from the person not from the weed. Anyways would highly recommend this strain for pretty much any kind of activity.

Golden Goat

This is a wonderful strain. Stronger than expected which was a nice surprise. The smell is incredible. It smells Very sweet and fruity and a little like flavored chapstick. downright pleasant to sniff. Hits quite smooth I think. I got this from a dispensary and it reads 25% while the description says up to 23%. Wo