Blackberry Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Blackberry Diesel Looks: Bright green nugs,white in spots from crystal coverage, with thick cheese yellow hairs flowing through its knobby sativa bud structure. Smell/Taste: Ive had batchs that smell anywere from sour fruityness to sweet diesely fuel. Taste matchs whatever pheno your smoking. Taste is relativly light but pleasant. Effects: A nice energetic focus comes over you followed by a rush of euphoria. Good for...”

  • “This strain gives you a nice mind and body high. We call this the smiley strain because you find yourself sitting there smiling and enjoying yourself. Great for chilling and listening to music.”

  • “I hate when it doesnt post my pics with review. 2nd try”

  • “Nice 50\50 mixed strains gives the best of both a berry tasting mellow buzz with that hard hitting and uplifting diesel like high. With a crisp texture, dried well it makes for great rolling big or small and burns with ease.”

  • “A great sativa...Pugent and berry flavor. ., nice high!”

  • “SMELL: sweet berry with a diesel & earthy type smell TASTE: smooth inhale with a earthy taste exhale LOOKS:Dense nugz with lots of trichomes PRICE: $15/gram $40/8th COLLECTIVE: Family tree collective in bellflower, ca on weedmaps deliveries”

  • “Just so-so for me. I'm a sativa girl and this one just didn't pack the punch of euphoria and energy I was expecting. Not much in the way of relaxation for me either. One upside-it's delicious and beautiful bud-light greens and purples blanketed in crystals and with a taste exactly as its name, blackberry with a hint of diesel. Maybe it just wasn't the right strain for me, and you'll like it better-doesn't hurt to try...”