Doug's Varin Reviews

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  • “NOT AVAILABLE IN MY AREA!!!?!? WTF. How can I find similar strains? I want something that suppresses hunger and has a high creativity rating”

  • “Got some concetrate after reading about it. I suffer PTSD and mixed anxiety that keeps me at home a lot. It is, by far, the greatest medication I have ever experienced. I found myself on the phone, out and about, uplifted, truly happy. It's a shame it's so hard to find as it is unlike any strain I have ever had. Body energy, mentally alert, clear headed and it feels like a care free sunny day in late spring. EVERY d...”

  • “this strain gives a solid high for a long period of time. forget the chips with this strain full hunger blocker great for long shifts and late lunchs”

  • “Fuck yeah x2”