Green Candy Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “A very good Sativa effect. I was impressed with the taste and longevity of the effects. Was medicated for hours feeling very uplifted and happy. Took care of my anxiety and I had no problems doing day to day activities. Overall very good strain, I would definitely recommend giving it a try.”

  • “This is my new favorite sativa. The buds on the batch I acquired are huge and covered in trichomes. The smell is amaing although there wasn't much of a taste to it. Nice smooth, expansive smoke that will take even the seasoned smokers to new hights. This strain is perfect for day time use and wake and bakes. The high is one of the longer lasting ones I've experienced, especially for a sativa. Green Candy is a m...”

  • “A true sativa with great uplift and buds that are robust and dense. Its a solid 8.5 for me. Blended well with Skywalker! Thanks Swell.”

  • “Beautiful and delicious. The dispensary listed it as a "spiritual buzz," and I couldn't agree more. It is very uplifting, inspiring, and creative in nature. The aroma is VERY fruity and EXTREMELY strong. One pinch and your nostrils are filled with the delicious aroma of this quality medicine. It is my new favorite sativa.”

  • “One of the top 5 sativas. I always want this as part of my available medications.”

  • “If you have anxiety issues I recommend you either find another strain, or mix it with a heavy Indica to balance it out. Beautiful, sweet, sugary and skunky-pungent smells reel from these compact little nugs. But (and keep in mind, I smoke all day everyday) this stuff just rubbed me the wrong way when smoked alone. I got The Fear, which I hadn't really experienced in awhile. It mellowed out after I smoked a little sn...”

  • “Fresh flower through a recently clean bong (less than a day of use). The flavor is average, a bright green taste with a hint of flowers and pine. It's labeled Green Candy, so it could be Green Crack or it could be the Green Candy hybrid, Green Crack x Candy Kush. SOOO few budtenders know the difference, but I suspect this to be the hybrid. It has the more mild feel I associate with Candy vs the energetic edge I as...”

  • “Known to me locally as "Christmas Bud", I normally only see this strain around in September through January. The buds are usually very dense and shaped like Christmas Trees. Upon looking, it's dark green and full of crystals. It smells sweet and has a slight pine smell. Taste is amazing! Tastes of sweet smoke fill my lungs. It's almost like smoking sugared pot. Makes you feel very energetic at first if you smoke a sm...”