Moonshine Haze Reviews

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  • “I am utilizing this in kind of an odd context so allow me to explain. I just purchased a G of concentrated oil, and consumed it all orally (as directed), I suffer from severe IBS, and the budtender (hold's a bachelor's in plant science/physiology) said that if I could tolerate the dose in my head; that I would be so pleased for weeks with the results. Apparently this method is high in CBG VERY HIGH, and as a heavy me...”

  • “Moonshine Haze has been the best strand i've smoked in the last 17 years....i only have found it once so far....still looking again...if you see it anywhere....don't overlook it, grab it. You won't be sorry, but you will be more stoned than a gargoyle....i warn weed veterans about's redonkulous!”

  • “Loved this strain and I'm an indica guy. It's a good sativa for indica type patients. Really nice and fruity and tasty. And will give you an emergent I high follow but a relaxing high later that is very soothing all together. Great for anxiety, depression and appetite loss.”

  • “I had planned on getting this flower, and when the budtender suggested it I just took the chance. It was the highest % THCa sativa they had as well clocking in at 26.36%. Initially you are left with a potent upifting feeling that tapers into airy creativity. It leaves a slight pressure behind both eyes that feels quite nice. It is quite nice for basic creative activities..... excellent to play with music. I could se...”

  • “Nice touch of a heady haze, but that drifts away pretty soon to leave a fairly pedestrian weed that mostly disappoints.”

  • “wow where do I begin? The jar opens and the room is full of a beautiful pungent aroma which is a mix of fruity and floral mix like honeysuckle with a spicy nostril filling unmistakable haze scent. The taste was very fruity with darker tones leaving me in a completely content sharp awareness. An incredibly sociable effect, I couldn't stop chatting with my friends swapping theories and debating high philosophy. wonderf...”

  • “maybe I'm a lightweight but this strain kicks my ass and really transports me to a different planet. I find that the high lasts 3-4 hours and starts off strong and tapers to a more mellow head high. if I smoke too much I end up a bit too racy and anxious. but overall a good medicine. I got this from the dispensary in brockton ma.”

  • “Best (and first legal ever any where) flower i got in Pueblo, Colo. It was smooth and made me very creative, un social, into my own thoughts and ideas. I choose this only on looks, it looked dense and like the stuff i am used to seeing in old days. Happy.”