Purple Power Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I've been smoking a long time but as of recent I've gotten it for medicine. Hands down the best strain I've ever experienced, their will be more but this is something to remeber.”

  • “powerful and smooth”

  • “foundation of youth”

  • “I'm in love. It really lifts my spirits and it actual make me feel pretty cheerful. Also, takes the edge off of cramps(just an FYI for the ladies)!Perfect for women who struggle with PMS or PMDD.”

  • “purple power was a intense head high. not good for pain. taste is awesome. great for a recreational activity.”

  • “unlike any bud I've ever seen”

  • “This is one of, if not the best strain I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying. The initial impression of it is incredible because of the look of it. The smell does not knock you off your feet, but you will reassess this after you enjoy the incredible journey it takes you on. Highly recommend for all of my fellow stoners.”

  • “Overall this strain is very visually appealing, but lacks in the aroma department. Offers a strong body high with very little head fuzziness overall. One of the more overrated strains in my opinion, but still good bud nonetheless.”