Super G Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Ok, so I vaped this chronic and was instantly consumed with paranoia. Dry mouth, red eyes, disfunctional overall. Thought I was going down Sativa lane but ended up on Indica Blvd. weird!”

  • “Super G is super me nice sativa effect.. it's a upper I can hang out and smoke a zip not even know great taste 🔥 strain and new-G NYC 👌🏼”

  • “Pretty good sativa. I was pretty anxious and upset before I smoked this out of my bong but I actually felt way better after I took some hits from this. Made me relaxed, spacey and a little dizzy. Try it for sure!”

  • “Great relaxing sativa. Excellent haze and pleasant and sweet to taste while maintaining a pleasurable herb flavor.”