Tiki Rum Cake

by Bask

About this product

Life’s a beach with this equally balanced hybrid strain. Tiki Rum Cake is adaptable, bringing out energetic or relaxed effects depending your mindset and surroundings. With the flavor of vanilla rum and a splash of gasoline, this strain doesn’t go too much one way or the other, allowing you to use it how you like. Tiki Rum Cake is a cross of Kush Cake x Melonade.

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About this brand

Cultivating cannabis the way nature intended, using fresh air & sunshine. Though seemingly simple, with the ever-changing New England
seasons, we have adapted our hybrid greenhouse facility to meet the needs of our plants. The end result is potent, fragrant, beautiful flower handled with care by our cultivation experts and brought to you with love across this great state. We offer our sun-grown flower and cannabis products to dispensaries across Massachusetts, allowing all to revel in the good of the sunshine.
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