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CBD+ Cone

About this product

The CBD+ Cone is made by coating the inside of a hemp paper pre-rolled cone with a perfect layer of CBD and terpene rich oil and then dusting that layer of CBD oil with a dusting of CBD flower kief. The CBD oil and CBD flower kief add such amazing flavors and create a super smooth, slow burning joint. The CBD+ Cone is perfect for people who have a hard time rolling joints and blunts, as they are so easy to fill. This CBD infused joint cone is perfect if you want to add more natural CBD to your smoking experience.

Our CBD+ Cone comes in 3 different CBD potencies, so you can customize the CBD ratio perfect for you:

- Our "Higher" CBD+ Cone is coated on the inside with 15mg of terpene-rich CBD oil and then dusted with a layer of CBD flower kief. The 15mg coating is the lowest potency available, but don't be fooled by the term low potency - a low CBD to high THC ratio will give you the most cerebral high. Greater CBD levels will give you a more alert, less spacey high.

- The "Create" CBD+ Cone has 35mg of CBD oil coated on the inside of the cone and then dusted in a beautiful layer of CBD flower kief. The 35 mg of oil in the"Create" is our middle level of CBD. Customers report a balanced, creative high with energizing effects from the CBD. Everyone is different, but customers tend to associate higher CBD levels with more focused, clear-headed highs.

- Our "Mindful" CBD+ Cone contains 70mg of terpene-rich CBD oil coated on the inside and then dusted in CBD flower kief, which is the highest potency available. High levels of CBD can reduce the short-term memory loss, paranoia, and anxiety associated with cannabis. High CBD to THC ratios create the most refreshing and clear-headed highs.
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About this brand

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CBD Rollie
CBD Rollies are the first and only CBD infused rolling papers and wraps in the world!

Our "CBD Rollie," the product we are named after, is an all natural wrap made from full CBD flower buds! Compared to blunt wraps, which are made from tobacco, and hemp wraps made from harsh hemp fibers, our wraps are made full CBD buds. Other hemp wraps claim to contain CBD, but they made by industrially processing hemp fibers, so all the CBD and terpenes are lost. Our wraps and papers are the only smoking products on the market that actually contain CBD.

All our products are proudly made here in the United State and we only use the highest quality CBD flowers and CBD extracts.