Pain Relief Massage Oil Candle

HybridTHC 1%CBD 15%
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1.7 oz | 50 mg of CBD & 50 mg of Delta-8 THC

erbalHIGH Pain Relief Massage Oil Candle is made to target and alleviate body, back, and joint pain. This massage oil candle is a blend of CBD & Delta-8 THC supported by healing herbs and essential oils to assist in alleviation. For example, cramp bark and prickly ash are warming relaxing herbs, when rubbed into effected area it helps with stiffness and aches, and devil’s claw, which have effective anti-inflammatory properties.

+ No harmful chemicals or toxins
+ Lab Tested CBD & Delta-8 THC

About this strain

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About this brand

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Welcome! And thank you for supporting erbalHIGH! erbalHIGH is a CBD & Delta-8 THC infused body and bath topical brand. It was established to provide a natural and effective way to relieve targeted, localized conditions. erbalHIGH products are made with a blend of CBD & Delta-8 THC and natural healing herbs, essential and nourishing body oils. CBD & Delta-8 THC makes the perfect active ingredient in our products due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. erbalHIGH uses all natural and organic ingredients, all ingredients have been tested and chosen specifically for each product.
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