Relaxant Cream

HybridTHC 1%CBD 15%
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2.0 fl oz | 50 mg of CBD & 50 mg of Delta-8 THC

erbalHIGH Relaxant Cream was made to stimulate relaxation, minimizing the feeling of anxiety, depression, and stress. This body cream is a blend of CBD & Delta-8 THC, herbs and essentials oils that specifically target these conditions. CBD & Delta-8 THC can produce a mild euphoric effect and helps to enhance the mood. Combining CBD & Delta-8 THC with herbs and essential oils to help promote relaxation after a long day. For example, Ashwagandha, which has been proven to reduce anxiety and tension, reduce overactivity and encourage rest and relaxation, reducing long term stress; Lemonbalm and Damiana are calming herbs that ease physical tension and help maintain a balanced mental and emotional state; and Valerian, which reduces mental overactivity, has a calming, sedative effect on the mind, can also relieve many symptoms of anxiety and a useful remedy for insomnia.

+ No harmful chemicals or toxins
+ Lab Tested CBD & Delta-8 THC

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About this brand

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Welcome! And thank you for supporting erbalHIGH! erbalHIGH is a CBD & Delta-8 THC infused body and bath topical brand. It was established to provide a natural and effective way to relieve targeted, localized conditions. erbalHIGH products are made with a blend of CBD & Delta-8 THC and natural healing herbs, essential and nourishing body oils. CBD & Delta-8 THC makes the perfect active ingredient in our products due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. erbalHIGH uses all natural and organic ingredients, all ingredients have been tested and chosen specifically for each product.
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