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Our Good-to-Go CBD Gum Bundle is the perfect way to try both of our CBD chewing gums and save. What's inside: 2 Packs Favour Original, 2 Packs Favour Immunity.

Our delivery system, chewing gum, harnesses the sublingual delivery system to send CBD into your body up to 5x faster than other forms, and doesn’t contain any of the additives found in some gummies or other edibles. (Plus, whipping out a piece of gum before a zoom meeting, or on the plane is a lot more convenient than a fistful of gummy bears or messy tincture!) Plus, each piece of Favour CBD gum is made with natural ingredients and perfectly dosed with 10mg of CBD per piece of gum—taking the guesswork out of chewing. You get all of the benefits of CBD with no drawbacks, just a refreshing peppermint flavor.

Fast absorption - up to 5x faster than ingested pills or liquids
High bio-availability - studies confirm oral delivery is better than ingesting pills
Dosing made easy - each piece contains 10mg of CBD, verified by 3rd party lab testing
Easy to use - relieves consumer’s growing pill burden, is transportable and convenient

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About this brand

Logo for the brand Favour Gum | Save 25% with code LEAFLY
Favour Gum | Save 25% with code LEAFLY
Save 25% with code: LEAFLY

At Favour, we believe that taking care of yourself should be as easy as chewing a piece of gum. We're a female-founded functional chewing gum company powered by CBD and other good-for-you ingredients, making self-care simpler and stress-free. Our CBD gum

Our delivery system, chewing gum, is what sets us apart from other CBD products out there. Favour delivers ingredients safely and effectively, offering a convenient solution for wellness on-the-go.

Faster Delivery: chewing gum allows for a higher bioavailability of CBD and other ingredients to be delivered into your body - up to 5x faster than ingested pills or drinks.

Dosing Made Easy: each piece of Favour has 10mg of CBD, making dosing easy to manage on a daily basis

Convenience: before a meeting, on the plane, or on the go, Favour works when you need it to, it's easy to transport - and it's fun.

High Standards: named a "Clean Choice Award" recipient by Clean Eating Magazine, our chewing gum is free of all the bad stuff. At Favour, we use high-quality, hemp-derived CBD (less than 0.3% THC) that is CO2-extracted to preserve its potency. Favour is sugar-free, non-gmo, vegan, and has a tasty mint flavor to fresh your breath.

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Founded by mother-daughter duo, Jamie Grimstad and Gigi Grimstad, Favour is a cross-generational brand offering on-the-go wellness solutions for real, everyday needs. Early in her college career, Jamie - then a Division 1 Runner at Columbia University - found herself struggling with anxiety and depression and needing an everyday remedy. Coming together with her mom, Gigi the pair began experimenting with various forms of CBD — capsules, tinctures, balms, gummies, salves, drinks, you name it — and realized that the countless positive effects are very real, but entirely unreliable. Enter Favour: a reliable way to consume CBD that you can pull out of your pocket everyday to rely on. Both Jamie and Gigi use Favour daily, and the reliability of a piece of chewing gum is what makes it outshine any other CBD product on the market.

It’s hard to imagine that something so familiar, fun, and discreet such as CBD gum could be born of anything other than novelty, but Favour surpasses that by a lifetime.
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