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Each Go Figure pipe is a unique work of art hand crafted from a solid block of hardwood chosen for its hardness, intense figure, rich color and beautiful grains. We make a small portable Pocketpipe for on the go and a larger, Tabletop pipe for the home. All pipes have a cap to enhance your discrete smoking pleasure.

Hardwoods have been used in tobacco pipes for centuries. Our hardwood pipes are made using very hard, dense woods. The heat generated by smoldering cannabis, between puffs, is not hot enough or long enough to do much more than to coat the pipe bowl with residue. Hardwood is not very porous, so little air is available to burn wood cells and affect the smoking experience. The all important Capslide extinguishes burning material and keeps it enclosed so no cannabis smoke, no smell, no spills.

Some of the hardwoods we use for pipes include Oregon Walnut, Figured Maple from Olympic Peninsula, Jatoba and Snakewood from Central America, IPE and Ironwood from Brazil and many other hardwoods from around the world. They come with the quality that comes with years of design and testing to make the best pipe you ever toked. They are made to be beautiful and functional.

Each bowl is a generous 3/4” x 3/4″+ deep. A common 3/4” screen can be easily replaced. These pipes can draw a heavy hit or provide a little puff that is all exhaled. Load it up for a trip and toke anywhere, anytime.

These pipes are very durable and easy to open and tap out the ash. Cleaning is done by removing the screen and simply running hot water in the bowl so the residue melts away out of the stem in minutes. Once the residue is gone just dry and blow the pipe out. Put in a clean screen and it’s ready to use. I like to rub a little Chapstick on it to bring back the luster if need.

These pipes are fully guaranteed in case of any malfunction or defect. Some are brittle but for the most part you can drive your truck over these pipes and they will work fine!
Nice watch, nice ring, nice pipe. Go figure.

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