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MediBubbler Smooth Bubbler


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Bubbler is sphere shaped and designed to hold water in a smooth bubble shape.
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This bubbler has a carb on the top for more airflow and options. No need to pull the stem out.
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Both the slide and the mouthpiece are removable pieces on this bubbler to make cleaning easier.
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Water allows all flavors to be tasted, adding moisture and helps remove harmful substances.
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MediBubbler is guaranteed to be smooth and we know you will love your new piece.

About Us

This water pipe and bubbler is sphere shaped and designed to hold water in a smooth bubble shape. The water inside allows all flavors to be fully tasted, adds more moisture, and helps remove harmful substances. The glass slide includes an inline percolator and the mouthpiece will feel smooth on your lips. Both the slide and the mouthpiece are removable to make cleaning easier. You will also notice there is a carb on the top for more airflow in your bubble. This MediBubbler water pipe and bubbler is Guaranteed To Be Smooth. Includes: 1 Bubbler 1 Mouthpiece 1 Bowl 10 Brass Filters Product Specifications: Height: 7 inches Width: 5 inches Diameter: 3.75 inches WHY MEDIBUBBLER: #1 WATER FILTER: The water filters out harmful substances and prevents them from hurting you. The water also adds moisture and makes the experience less dry compared to a regular glass bubbler. #2 REMOVABLE GLASS MOUTHPIECE: The mouthpiece (neck) is removable so this makes cleaning very easy and can be switched out with a different mouth piece. This also increases sanitation when using with other people. #3 REMOVABLE GLASS SLIDE: The glass slide is removable all though the bubbler can be used without removing it. A removable piece also makes cleaning easy and allows for more airflow if you are looking for additional ventilation when using. #4 CONVENIENT CARB: There is a carb at the top of every bubbler for even MORE airflow. This carb is easily plugged with your finger. #5 INLINE PERCOLATOR: The glass slide has an inline percolator that has 7 holes so airflow is maximized. This guarantees that you have a smooth experience, decreases the pressure required to make the water bubble, and increases air/liquid surface area. About MediBubbler: MediBubbler was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality water pipes and bubblers that are guaranteed to be smooth. Our products are a clean and refreshing experience for both new and practiced users alike. Our goal is to enhance the customer's lifestyle and help them live a happy and healthy life. We are also committed to living life to its fullest and enjoying every moment as all things must pass. Product Research: When creating MediBubbler, we conducted research in Colorado and Washington to ensure our products would meet your needs and expectations. When designing our products, it was important to collect feedback from people that have the most to say (and that would be honest about saying it). That is why we chatted with medical dispensaries and glass shops located in those states.

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