Live Rosin Cartridge 500mg


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MÜV Solventless Live Rosin Cartridges bring together the benefits of full-spectrum Live Rosin with the convenience of a vape cart. Available in premium flower strains for a variety of terpenes, flavor, and aroma.

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About this brand

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MÜV Florida
MÜV Cannabis-infused Products were born of years of exploration, cultivation and expertise.

The cannabis plant holds untold potential and, for that reason, research and development are at the heart of MÜV Products. Led by plant scientists, our constant dedication to the continual innovation of our cannabis products has led to an expansive range of consumption options. Smoke-free forms include topicals and our patented encapsulated products for transdermal use, while smokable includes the cannabis community's favorite way to medicate - flower. Each strain cultivated for Florida's patients has been rigorously phenohunted to ensure an effective and enjoyable alternative medicine, whether smoked, dabbed or vaped.

If you’re looking for medical cannabis solutions from not only cannabis enthusiasts, but explorers and experts, look no further. From our cultivation in Apollo Beach, to MÜV Dispensaries across Florida, to our Patient Care Team, and now, as a member of the Verano family, MÜV is your resource for all things cannabis.
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